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The U.S. Current Account Deficit and Its Implications for Fed Policy and the Dollar


The Current M&A Environment: Trends for 2018 and Beyond


The Future of Work and Implications for the Yield Curve


In this paper, Dr. Maria Vassalou and Dr. Thomas Cooley discuss the three underlying trends in the labor market that are holding back wage increases and causing the Fed to adopt a very cautious approach.

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Brexit: A Tempest in a Teapot?


In this paper, Dr. Maria Vassalou and Dr. Thomas Cooley discuss that the Brexit vote did not have the immediate catastrophic consequences that many had expected but this does not mean that it will not have adverse effects going forward.

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What Should Trade Agreements Focus On to Boost Long-Term Economic Growth? The Cases of NAFTA and TPP


In this paper, Dr. Maria Vassalou and Dr. John Donaldson discuss the long-term effects that free trade may have on a globalizing country’s economic growth. They then consider the implications of NAFTA and TPP, suggesting aspects of globalization that should not be overlooked in the context of striking or renegotiating trade agreements, if an economy’s long run growth potential is to be enhanced.

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Public Companies Are About to Be Flooded With Cash. How Will They Spend It?


PWP CEO Bob Steel and PWP Advisory Board member Robert Pozen discuss how public company CEO's should use the increased free cash flow they will have as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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Next-Generation Predictive Applications


In this report, Rick Sherlund, a PWP Partner and leading authority in the computer software industry, discusses next generation predictive applications, the vulnerabilities of traditional SaaS vendors, the future software companies, and how big data is driving the fourth IT wave – a disruptive shift in the software industry.

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Is Globalization Really on the Ropes?


In this edition, we feature key insights from PWP CEO Robert Steel. Earlier this summer, he delivered a keynote address to the Northern Light Conference in Helsinki, Finland regarding the Trump presidency, the rise of populist protectionism in Europe and the U.S., and the future of globalization.

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How Well Are the European Banking Regulations Working? Evidence from Recent Events in Spain and Italy


In an April 2016 PWP Global Macro Insights paper on Eurozone banks, Dr. Maria Vassalou and Dr. Thomas Cooley discussed the vulnerabilities of the European Banks and the overhauled Eurozone Banking System whose Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) went into full effect in January 2016. At that time, the regulatory framework was incomplete and untested. A year and a half later, it remains incomplete, but no longer untested, warranting a close look at the evidence that has emerged.

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Regulating the Financial Industry: No Free Lunch!


In this paper, Dr. Maria Vassalou and Dr. Thomas Cooley provide a brief overview of the main merits and pitfalls of the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as of the two alternative proposals that have emerged over the past year: the Financial CHOICE Act and the Minneapolis Plan.

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